CuZn Air Technology

Advantages of FilterFoam Technology:

Greater Surface Area – when filtering out chemicals, VOCs & gasses, its all about surface area. Our patented reticulation process creates filtration medias that have 50 times greater surface area than the traditional granular media. FilterFoam Technology ensures that contaminants are absorbed as they make contact with the powerful filtration media.

Greater Contact Time – our media creates a torturous path for the air, increasing the air’s contact time with the media. The porous nature of our reticulated media ensure a high flow rate.

Higher Efficiency – 2 ounces of our FilterFoam media is equivalent to 1 pound of traditional granular media. This advantage allows our compact systems to perform with large scale industrial capacity.

Saves Time and Money – our lightweight, compact systems last longer and outperform the competition. Our efficient design makes installation easy, reducing or eliminating costs associated with maintenance.

Why should you use a CuZn Air Filter?

• Traditional Air Purifiers are only focused on collecting physical particles that are floating around in the surrounding air.

• HEPA filters are great for filtering out particles like bacteria, allergens, dust, etc. and our systems utilize that technology. However, HEPA filters don’t help with chemicals, volatile organic compounds, odors and gasses that are constantly leached from a wide variety of sources into the air of your home.

• In addition to HEPA technology, CuZn Air Filters utilize our patented FilterFoam technology remove up to 100% of chemicals, volatile organic compounds, gasses and all types of odor. Don’t get tricked by our competitors cheap carbon pre-filters, Only CuZn’s patented combination of reticulated mineral medias will work.

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