CuZn Commercial Water & Air Filtration Systems

Custom Commercial Water, Air & Fluid Treatment Solutions

Effective & environmentally responsible process water, fluid & air treatment systems are an increasingly important part of operations for businesses of all sizes. CuZn offers a wide range commercial & industrial water, air & fluid treatment systems to provide solutions for an increasingly diverse range of applications.

From industrial manufacturing facilities, municipalities to agricultural operations and everywhere in between, our treatment systems provide an effective solution for your application. We aim to provide the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly systems with an eye toward reducing costs, risk & maintenance.

CuZn’s Team of Industrial Process Engineers custom design systems that are tailored to fit your specific application’s parameters. CuZn’s experienced team will guide you through the entire process from start to finish with on-site approach backed by surveying & in depth analysis.

CuZn’s engineers are capable of performing all aspects of design, facility construction, training, installation, waste disposal & maintenance.

Nitrates System

CuZn’s Commercial Services Include:

Commercial Ion Exchange Water Treatment Systems

  • Highly selective anion & cation resins for specific contaminant removal
  • Automated systems, low maintenance design
  • Brine storage & disposal

Revolutionary Cooling Tower Water Treatment

  • Innovative non-chemical technology, a truly green solution
  • Incredibly simple installation, low maintenance design

Machine Coolant Filtration

  • Patented 3 stage process dramatically extends coolant lifetime
  • Portable designs for ease of use

Commercial Water Purifiers

  • Reduce facility fuel expenses by up 20%
  • Prevent scale build up, reduce existing scale deposits
  • Eliminate chlorine, reduce heavy metals

Commercial Boiler Water Treatment

  • Descaling & sludge removal

Commercial Air Scrubbers

  • Ultra Lightweight, easy to implement air scrubbers
  • Reduce and/or eliminate VOCs, chemical emissions & odors
Meet The CuZn Commercial Team

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CuZn’s Commercial Team:

Established Process Engineers
Trusted Manufacturing Partners
CoolCon3® Machine Coolant Filtration Systems by CuZn
CoolCon3 Machine Coolant Filtration System

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MetalOx® Cooling Tower Treatment by CuZn
MetalOx Profile

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WC Series Commercial Water Purifiers by CuZn
WC Series Water Purifiers by CuZn

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ScaleAway® Boiler Scale Reduction Systems by CuZn
Boiler Filtration System

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