Commercial Systems Team

Meet CuZn’s Commercial Team:

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Jim Goode of Green Product Solutions has been an engineer for over 35 years with experience in a wide range of engineering fields including water treatment, fluid transfer, process engineering, electrical generating systems, application engineering, and construction management.

David Leavitt

David Leavitt (LinkedIn) presently serves as a Deputy Administrative Law Judge with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, conducting hearings in the areas of oil and gas conservation, petroleum storage tank and pipeline regulation, pollution abatement and environmental remediation. Currently Adjunct Professor for St. Gregory’s University, the University of Tulsa College of Law and the University of Central Oklahoma, in addition to providing business, intellectual property, environmental engineering and consulting services through his company, Integrity Consulting, Inc.

Jeremy Hess

Jeremy Hess owner/founder of CuZn Water Filtration Systems (est. 1987) has 3 decades of experience in water treatment industry. Jeremy Hess and his team at CuZn have been awarded several patents for a wide range of residential, commercial water & fluid treatment systems. Achievements include the development of revolutionary, environmentally friendly non-chemical filtration systems for cooling tower water treatment & machine coolant fluid.

Manufacturing Partnerships:



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