MetalOx Cooling Tower Treatment

The MetalOx® Cooling Tower Treatment System

  • Eliminates expensive chemical additives, a truly green solution
  • Increases cycles of concentration up to 3 times
  • Eliminates scale, reducing cooling costs up to 40% for every .1 inch of scale removed
  • Reduces blowdown to a minimum
  • Controls bacteria, algae & mold, including legionella
  • Removes heavy metals
  • Maintenance free
  • Dramatically reduces water use, minimizes labor expenses, employs recyclable technology & most importantly – Maximizes Profitability

The MetalOx® Cooling Tower Treatment System is compatible with cooling towers of all sizes. The MetalOx® is available in 2 basic models, a side-stream model for smaller cooling towers and an in-sump model for larger cooling tower applications. To learn more about each of our models, visit their pages below and/or give us a call 800.345.PURE (7873).

The MetalOx® Cooling Tower Treatment System is a green technology, in addition to eliminating the need for expensive toxic chemical additives, the MetalOx utilizes a patented recyclable media & requires no electricity. Our cooling tower treatment solutions cost less to implement, require no regular maintenance & dramatically outperform competing technologies. Take a look at the charts below for a glimpse of how much money you could save with a MetalOx® Cooling Tower Treatment System!

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MetalOx® Treatment System VS. Standard Chemical Use

* Statistics shown in this chart are from a MetalOx installation at MerCruisers’ plant in Oklahoma

MetalOx Legend

Metal Ox Chart 2

MetalOx Chart 4

The MetalOx® Cube Unit Cooling Tower Treatment System

MetalOx Cooling Tower Water Treatment System KDF 55

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  • MetalOx® Cube Unit is ideal for large cooling tower applications
  • Easily installed, simply place the MetalOx® cube into the sump and insure that it has been anchored in place
  • No Plumbing, electricity free, maintenance free
  • Simply replace the MetalOx® Cube Units once a year
  • Easily sized to fit the needs of your application, scaling up is simply a matter of calculating how many MetalOx® Cubes Units are required for you application

The MetalOx® Side-Stream Cooling Tower Treatment System

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  • MetalOx Side-Stream unit is ideal for smaller cooling towers & chillers
  • Easily installed by plumbing in a 30% side-stream
  • Electricity free, maintenance free
  • Simply replace media pack once a year
  • Sized to fit the needs of your application

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