MetalOx Side-Stream Cooling Tower Treatment System

The MetalOx® Side-Stream Cooling Tower Treatment System

  • Eliminates expensive chemical additives, a truly green solution
  • Increases cycles of concentration up to 3 times
  • Eliminates scale, reducing cooling costs up to 40% for every .1 inch of scale removed
  • Reduces blowdown to a minimum
  • Controls bacteria, algae & mold, including legionella
  • Removes heavy metals
  • Maintenance free
  • Dramatically reduces water use, minimizes labor expenses, employs recyclable technology & most importantly – Maximizes Profitability

The MetalOx® Side-Stream Cooling Tower Treatment System is ideal for smaller cooling towers & chiller applications. MetalOx® is a green technology, in addition to eliminating the need for costly toxic chemical additives, the MetalOx utilizes a patented recyclable media & requires no electricity. Our cooling tower treatment solutions cost less to implement, require no regular maintenance & dramatically outperform competing technologies.

MetalOx® Side-Stream Model Sizing & Capacity

The MetalOx Side-Stream Model is sized to fit your application. Calculate 30% of the cooling tower’s total GPM service flow-rate & consult a CuZn rep or distributor for a quote.

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MetalOx Side-Stream Installation Diagram

MetalOx® Side-Stream Model Sizing & Capacity Continued:

The system will be designed based of the cooling tower’s flow rate. A CuZn rep or distributor will design the most economical configuration for your application. Designs vary but in general systems are designed to be plumbed in split flow, in series or both.

Once the system has been installed, the only regular maintenance will be replacing the media packs once a year. Changing the media packs is a process that involves no additional plumbing and only takes a few minutes to execute.

MetalOx Flow Sample

MetalOx® Side-Stream Technology

Inside the MetalOx Side-Stream Cooling Tower Treatment System

The MetalOx process utilizes patented, “FilterFoam” reticulated KDF-55 filtration media

CuZn proprietary reticulated KDF features & benefits:

  • Make it possible to utilize KDF in non-backwashing, electricty free, inline fluid treatment systems
  • No plugging, packing or channeling that commonly plagues granular KDF technology
  • Improved performance, 5 times more efficient than traditional granular media
  • Reticulated media has 10 times greater surface area, ensuring adequate contact time

Scale Transformation


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