General Product FAQs CuZn

Product FAQ’s

1) What medias do the CuZn drinking water systems use?

They use 2 medias; KDF copper-zinc alloy and high quality coconut shell carbon.

2) How do they work?

The copper-zinc removes heavy metals, chlorine, reduces water hardness and creates a bacteriostatic environment. The coconut shell carbon removes organic contaminants like VOCs and polishes the water for great tasting drinking water.

3) How long will they last?

Our drinking water systems last 8,000-50.000 gallons (depending on the model) before needing to be replaced. That means our systems can last from 1-6 years depending on model, number of people, water usage and water quality.

4) How can I tell if it is time to change the filter?
You might notice a change in the taste or smell of the water. Chlorine is usually the first contaminant to be noticed. You can use a chlorine DPD #1 test to measure free chlorine.
5) How does a CuZn system compare to carbon only filters?

A CuZn Water system can last from 8-20 times as long as a carbon only unit and removes heavy metals which a carbon unit can not do. The CuZn systems are a perfect blend of high quality, long life and good value.

6) How does a CuZn system compare to reverse osmosis?

A CuZn system is less expensive to buy and maintain, leaves valuable trace minerals in the water, and doesn’t waste water like an RO system.

7) Can a CuZn system remove fluoride from my drinking water?

Our standard systems will only remove part of the fluoride (about 20%). We make a dual housing system, CT-2KF or UC-2KF, with a special media in the first cartridge to specifically remove the fluoride.

8) Why would we want to filter the whole house?

A whole house system not only provides better tasting, quality water, but can extend the life of your plumbing and water appliances like the hot water heater, dishwasher and washing machine. The KDF not only removes chlorine and heavy metals, it also removes hardness and scale.

9) Can you help me with my well water problems?

Yes, we generally need a water test to determine what contaminants are in your water and what you want removed.

10) Why are your bath and shower filters better?

The TurboShower and BathBall use our patented FilterFoam disk. These disks have more surface area to filter the water, last longer and won’t channel like granular copper-zinc. Plus, there is no plastic cartridge to throw away and the disks can be recycled.

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