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Whole House Well Filters & Saltless Water Softeners

Purchasing a CuZn Well Water Filtration System

CuZn HIGHLY recommends having your water tested prior to purchasing a well water treatment system for your home. No two well water sources are the same, since that is the case, the type of system and design we recommend varies greatly depending on the quality of your well.

If you purchase a Well Water Test Kit, CuZn will send you a Coupon Code for 99.95 usd that may be applied to any of our Whole House Well Water Systems.

It is not possible to test for a wide range of contaminants with a simple in home water test used by local services or DIY testing kits. Having your testing done by an accredited 3rd party ensures accurate, unbiased results.

These test results can be used at your discretion, if you wish to pursue quotes from other manufactures or dealers, you may certainly do so. We are confident you’ll find CuZn offers the most knowledgable advice, best design solutions, highest quality product & most affordable prices for your home’s well.

Already have a water analysis performed? Email the report to sales@cuzn.com or call 800.345.PURE(7873) to share your results with a CuZn Water Specialist.

How CuZn’s Water Testing Works:

Step #1 When you order a test kit, National Testing Labs will ship you a kit with simple instructions for taking a water sample. Once you have completed those steps, you will mail the water samples(s) back to National Testing Labs.

Step #2 The test results will be sent directly to you & a copy will be sent to CuZn as well. An experienced CuZn Well Water Expert will contact you to review the results via phone and email. We’ll recommend the CuZn Well System that is the best fit for your needs & budget. CuZn manufacturers all well water systems in house, so we are able to customize and/or combine systems on an as needed basis.

Step #3 Order your CuZn Well Water Filtration System. CuZn’s whole house systems arrive assembled and ready for installation. Our water system designs make it simple for any plumbing service or relatively handy home owner to install.

Check out a few examples & incredible pricing for CuZn Well Water Systems!

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