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Top quality filtration, Made in USA, water filter cartridges for Wide Spectrum contaminant removal. Also available are specialized cartridges for fluoride, chloramine, nitrates, radiation, hardness, arsenic, pharmaceuticals & much more!

All the cartridges listed below are compatible with CuZn refillable Counter Top and Under Counter Water Filters.

Customers with a single cartridge housing must select 1 of our Wide Spectrum filters.

Customers with double or triple housings must select at least 1 Wide Spectrum filter, along with their choice of Specialized Cartridge(s).

For assistance in selecting your filters, give us a call 800.345.PURE (7873) or EMAIL US

Wide Spectrum Cartridge Performance Tests

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Click here to learn how our reticulated KDF dramatically outperforms our competitors’ granular KDF: KDF Comparison Test

Click here to learn what our High Purity Coconut Shell Carbon filters: What does activated carbon filter?

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