6" NodorPuck GrowRiteUSA

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NodorPuck 6″ Features & Benefits

    • Eliminates 100% of all odors
    • Removes Chemicals, Smoke, Volatile Organic Compounds
    • Patented FilterFoam technology with proprietary CuZn Reticulated Minerals
    • Industrial Strength scrubbing in a compact, all-in-one design
    • Easily installed & replaced
    • Enhanced with powerful toxin & odor adsorbing  Zeolite & Acid washed Coconut Shell Carbon


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NodorPuck 6″ Specifications

  • CFM Exhaust/Recirculation: 75/150
  • Room Size for Exhaust: 256 Cubic Feet
  • Size: 6.25″D x 1.5″T
  • Weight: .25lb
  • Flange Capability: 6″ Vent Pipe
  • Cubic Foot of Minerals: 0.027

NodorPucks offer clean air scrubbing with no additional ventilation piping or connections required. Easy installation and straightforward design, NodorPucks provide unbelievable air purification and eliminate 100% of odors. The advanced technology of NodorPucks’ 3-stage mineral system makes them superior to carbon only systems. Simply place your NodorPuck in any outflow air duct and enjoy advanced odor protection.