CoolCon3® Machine Coolant Filtration System Model#CC-250 (for applications with up 250 gallons of coolant)

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Model#CC250 CoolCon3® Machine Coolant Filtration System

-For applications w/ up to 250 gallon Machine Coolant sumps

  • Dramatically extends coolant life
  • Saves thousands in waste disposal costs
  • Extends tool life up to 6 times
  • Captures oil & metal fines
  • Kills bacteria & algae, including legionella
  • Prevents skin rashes
  • No chemical additives
  • Standard models for 250, 500, 750 & 1000 gallon machine coolant sumps are available
  • Custom models for up to 5,000 gallon machine coolant sumps are available upon request

The patented CoolCon3® Machine Coolant Filtration System is fully compatible with soluble oils, semi-synthetic and synthetic coolants. The CoolCon3® solves problems associated with the new synthetic coolants. Synthetics are slick, rendering old disc and rope skimmers ineffective but the CoolCon3®  patented skimmer functions with synthetic coolants.

Annual savings have been reported in excess of 300,000.00 dollars when utilizing the CoolCon3® Machine Coolant Filtration System. In two separate case studies, third party analysis estimated their annual savings after implementing the CoolCon3®.

To view a .pdf of those case studies click here: CoolCon3 Machine Coolant Filter Case Study

CALCULATE YOUR SAVINGS (download .pdf): CoolCon3 Calculate Savings

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: CoolCon3 instructions

About CuZn’s patented 3 stage filtration system w/patented coolant skimmer:


  • Custom tramp oil coalescing filter
  • Removes tramp oil that consists of bacteria harboring organic matter that will foul coolant and decrease tool life


  • High quality particulate filter
  • Removes particulate & metal fines, the most obvious contaminant found in coolant, that causes a variety of issues that often lead to premature disposal of machine coolant fluids


  • Custom, proprietary bacteria, scale prevention, trace metals & pH control filter
  • Eliminates bacteria, including legionella
  • Reduce, or eliminate trace metals dissolved in the fluid
  • Balances the pH at an ideal 7.0
  • Prevents scale build up

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: CoolCon3 instructions

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