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CuZn 5 Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System

From: 169.95 $

CuZn's Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System is your classic under sink RO with all the bells and whistles for an unbelievable price back by CuZn's legendary customer support team. If you have your heart set on a CuZn RO system, you will not be disappointed!

The CuZn 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System is the ideal choice for homeowners with private well water. The CuZn 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System is also an excellent choice for folks on City Water that have extremely hard water causing excessive mineral residue build up issues on faucets, water boilers, etc.

Homeowners with city water that is extremely hard, will find that the standard CuZn 5 Stage RO System package without any of the upgrade options (remin, arsenic polish, etc.) for 169.95 usd + free shipping will do an incredibly job and suit their needs perfectly.

Homeowners with private well water in most cases also find the standard CuZn 5 Stage RO System Package without any upgrade options also suits their needs. However, the CuZn RO System must include the bacteria protection upgrade if you do not know if your well water supply is free of bacteria or if your well water is microbiologically unsafe to drink. While RO Membranes do remove bacteria, if bacteria is allowed to build up on the RO membrane's surface, it will be come fouled and fail to function properly.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems without a doubt remove the greatest variety of contaminants at the highest possible percentage when compared to any other type of residential water treatment system.

However for the discerning homeowner or for those with extremely bad water quality, CuZn's acclaimed 5 Stage RO System is customizable and can be upgraded to handle any situation imaginable.


  • Stage 1 - Sediment Filtration Cartridge.
  • Stage 2 - Carbon Block 5 Micron Filtration Cartridge
  • Stage 3 - Carbon Block 5 Micron Filtration
  • Stage 4 - 50GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane (0.0001 Micron Filtration!).
  • Stage 5 - Post RO Membrane Inline Coconut Shell Carbon Filter for Taste & Odor Polishing.


  • The upgrade versions will all still remain 5 stages of filtration, only the filter elements inside each of the 5 stages are changes as described below
    • Post RO Membrane Remineralization Upgrade:
      • Stage 5 Post RO Stage of Filtration is Modified
        • Stage 5 Filter Size increased to accommodate addition of Calcite & Corosex pH Up Filter Media
        • In addition to the Coconut Shell Carbon in standard stage 5 filter, a blend of Calcite & Corosex media are added
        • Restores naturally occurring minerals content lost during advance purification process, increases pH of water dispensed to Neutral or Alkaline, eliminates corrosive properties of high purity RO water
    • Post RO Arsenic Polish Upgrade:
      • Stage 5 Post RO Stage of Filtration is Modified
        • Stage 5 Filter Size increased to accommodate addition of 5D Arsenic Removal Filter Media,
        • While the standard RO set up for 169.95 will do a great job with Arsenic V removal, there is no RO membrane that does well at removing Arsenic III.
        • Since Arsenic can be present in both the Arsenic V and Arsenic III in private well water, if your well water has high Arsenic issues then add on the Arsenic Polish upgrade option
    • Bacteria Protection Upgrade:
      • Stage 2 Pre-Filter Cartridge Type Changed
        • Pre-Filter Stage 2 Cartridge changed from standard 5 micron carbon block to Ultra Filtration Cartridge
        • Ultra filter removes bacteria, preventing bacteria from fouling the RO membrane
      • Stage 3 Pre-Filter Cartridge Type Also Changed
        • Stage 3 Pre-filter Cartridge changed from standard 5 micron carbon block to KDF/GAC filter cartridge
        • While ultra filtration removes 99.99%+ bacteria making the water microbiologically safe, some propagation of bacteria growth, fouling the surface of the membrane is still possible
        • Stage 3 cartridge is modified to contain KDF filter media, water is that is treated with the KDF filter media maintains a bacteriostatic environment downstream of the cartridge, providing a constant cleaning of the membrane surface to provide truly comprehensive bacteria control within your CuZn RO System.
  • High Sulfur / Iron Upgrade:
    • Stage 1 Cartridge Modified
      • Stage 1 switched to KDF-85 & Katalox Light Filter Media Cartridge
        • KDF-85 removes water soluble Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (H2S, sulfur, rotten egg smell) and water soluble iron by causing the H2S and Iron to precipitate out of solution as insoluble particulate (mainly little bits of rust) that can be captured and removed by a simple sediment filter cartridge
      • Stage 2 is Modified:
        • Stage 2 is switched to 5 Micron Meltblown sediment filter to capture the H2S and Iron that has been precipitated out of solution by the KDF-85 stage 1 cartridge
        • High Iron and/or Hydrogen Sulfide Gas in well water can foul up a standard CuZn 5 Stage RO System fairly rapidly. If you've got high sulfur & iron problems, add the high sulfur/iron upgrade to your filter system.


Additional information

Add Post RO Membrane Remineralization?

No (+0.00), Yes (+24.95)

Add Post RO Membrane Arsenic Polish?

No (+0.00), Yes (+49.95)

Add High Bacteria Protection?

No (+ 0.00), Yes (+49.95)

Add High Sulfur (Rotten Egg Smell) & High Iron Protection?

No (+0.00), Yes (+49.95)

Filter Dispenser Faucet Finish?

Polished Chrome (+0.00), Brushed Nickel (Steel Matte) (+0.00), Oil Rubbed Bronze (+0.00)


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