WC-Series Commercial Water Filtration Systems

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WC-Series Commercial Water Treatment Systems

  • Provides pure, delicious water without removing essential minerals
  • Virtually no maintenance, Eliminates Chlorine, Controls Scale & Prevents corrosion
  • Bacteriostatic! Prevents the growth of bacteria, mold & algae
  • All components & media are NSF Certified, No chemical additives
  • Earth Friendly! Expired filtration media can be recycled
  • Save Time and Money, an excellent alternative to labor intensive Ion Exchange Systems.
  • CuZn is currently accepting new distributors for the WC-Series, contact us for more information

WC-Series Specs

WC-Series Commercial Water Filtration Systems Specs

WC-Series Installation

WC-Series Commercial Water Treatment Systems

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WC-Series Filtration Process:

The WC-Series process requires no additional pre-filtration to remove any physical, undissolved particles out of the water (even though your water appears to be clear, you will be amazed by how much dirt & grime this filter captures). The Main Tank systems utilizes KDF-55 Filtration Media (Copper-Zinc) that has been tested and certified to NSF standard 42 and 61.

CuZn’s powerful WC-Series water treatment systems will remove and/or reduce scale, chlorine, corrosion, heavy metals, sediment, algae, molds, scale, bad taste and along with other undesirable contaminants that may effect the quality of your water supply.

What is Salt-Free Water Conditioning?

Salt Free Water Softening & Scale prevention!? Unlike traditional salt based water softeners, CuZn’s Salt Free WC-Series Systems won’t make your water feel slimy, have hair flattening effects, strip beneficial minerals or add salt to your water. If you have 8 grains of hardness or more, please Contact CuZn about modifications for High Hardness Applications.

Our technologically advanced salt free Anti-Scale Medias are an innovative solution that prevents all of the negative effects of calcium and magnesium, while allowing the positive health benefits to remain by not removing the calcium and magnesium. Within a water system, calcium and magnesium can adhere to plumbing and water appliances by forming crystalline scale structures. Untreated, these minerals become hard, interfere with heat transfer and eventually cause loss of water flow and pressure. Untreated hardness can increase your home’s energy bill up to 20%!

KDF reshapes these hardness ions so they cannot adhere to each other, preventing scale build up on your facilities pipes & equipment. Instead the calcium and magnesium ions remain soluble in the water, thus preventing scale while adding life to the water.

Scale Transformation

How long does the KDF media last?:

The WC-Series Media will last for at least 5 years, CuZn will provide test strips at that time to monitor the system. 

The WC-series carries a 5 year pro-rated warranty on the media’s performance & a 10 year pro-rated warranty on the housing & components. 

Past WC-Series Installations:

Here is a partial list of installations:

  • B.F. Goodrich Aerospace Division, OH
  • Worthington Steel, PA
  • Albex Aluminum, OH
  • Wirt Metal, OH
  • Salt Lake City Public Schools, UT
  • Shiloh Inn, UT
  • Michael Foods, NE
  • Metal Forge Company, NC
  • Ronnigen Research, MI
  • Triad Center, UT
  • Dominion Properties, OK
  • Mid South Uniform Services, TN
  • Star Mechanical Supply, AR


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