WHWSS-BW Traditional Ion Exchange, Salt Based Water Softening System

1,223.95 $

Capacity (Grains) per Regeneration Cycle: 53,000 grains
Max Flow Rate: 15gpm
Tank Dimensions: 10″D x 44″H
Automated Electronic Meter-Control
Includes Brine Storage Tank with/Overflow Leak Prevention System
Safe 24 Volt Electrical System
1.25 Cubic Feet of Premium 8% Cross Linked Cation Exchange Resin
Built in By-pass Valve
10 year warranty on housing & components
90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


CuZn’s WHWSS-BW Model System is a classic Ion Exchange Water Softening System with all the bells & whistles. Backed by a robust 10 year warranty and 90 day satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that your system will offer trouble free performance for decades to come.

The automated timer head can be set to the desired regeneration cycle, once the system is up and running, the only regular maintenance will be to monitor the amount of salt in the included brine storage tank.

This soft water system will remove hardness minerals, dramatically increasing water solubility, dramatically improving performance of soaps and detergents. Get ready for spotless dishes and brilliant loads of whites from the laundry machine. Additionally, this system will prevent the build up scale in your plumbing and appliances, dramatically extending the life of your hot water heater and reducing heating costs by up to 20%.