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WM-PC Well Water Gallon Usage Meter

169.95 $

Great Gallon Meter! Monitor your water use with this affordable, reliable & effective electricity free water usage meter.

Max Temp: 105f
Max PSI: 150
Fitting Size: 1″
Accuracy: +/- 1.5%
Dimensions: 11.58″ Length x 4.24″ Diameter

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The WM-PC Series economy plastic water meter is excellent for residential water metering.  It uses the multi-jet principle to measure flow totals.  The gear train drives the register totalizer dials.

In addition, a pulse output is an option when you want to send the data to a remote location.  These 1″ meters come set with 1 Pulse/Gallon.

This water meter is BPA free and designed to meet the new federal regulations that require all products coming in contact with potable water be lead free and is also designed to meet the AWWA C708 Standards.

These meters are frequently used as a low cost solution for residential water measuring. This product is the rare example of when inexpensive doesn’t equal “cheap”!


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