DT-40B Whole House Water Filter & Saltless Water Softener

DT-40B Whole House Filtration System & Saltless Softener: 1995.00 usd

DT-40B Replacement/Refill Tanks: 685.00 usd
DT-40B Model Features & Benefits – the following benefits apply to all of our systems


  • Salt Free Water Softening & Scale prevention
  • Purify water without removing essential minerals, the best tasting water available
  • Virtually no drop in water pressure
  • Maintenance Free, Requires no electricity 
  • Incredibly long lasting lifetime, Easy to Refill
  • Bacteriostatic! Prevents the growth of Bacteria, Mold & Algae
  • Filters more than 600 types of contaminants from your water source including chlorine, lead, heavy metals, Trihalomethanes(THM’s), Disinfectant by products (DPBs), Sulfur, Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, Herbicides, Pesticides and many types of pharmaceuticals
  • All components and media are NSF certified

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